Reddit betting on AI Keyword Research Tool For SEO.

Reddit AI Keyword Research Tool
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Reddit, our favorite online forum to browse on, has recently started taking steps towards some SEO action.


We know it as a place for dank memes and raunchy threads, however, Reddit as a company is taking steps towards developing tools that are AI-powered. AI is the future and Reddit definitely knows how to make full use of the situation.


As for the growth of the company, the online forum was doing well anyway and had earning methods as well (and still does, of course). The company makes money by showing ads and offering a premium membership plan without ads. Reddit is in the tech world, specifically making software that lets people share pictures and videos.


So why the new venture into SEO? Only the company decision-makers can tell you the objective truth about that.


We speculate that as the r/SEO thread was growing so rapidly, this AI keyword research tool was just something that the community may have benefited from. We can only make speculations though.


Anyway, let’s get started with what this new AI tool is all about and how it works. But before, let’s start with what Reddit even is, for those who have come across this blog for SEO-related queries, but don’t know what this forum is.


What’s different about Reddit?



Reddit Logo

                                                                                                                 Reddit Logo



Reddit is a social media platform that’s all about sharing, discussing, and discovering content.


It’s like a massive bulletin board where users from all around the world post everything from funny memes and heartwarming stories to breaking news and niche hobbies. Reddit’s logo is an alien named Snoo, and it’s known for its diverse and vibrant communities, each with its own interests and rules.


How It Works

When you join the forum, you become a Redditor, and you can start exploring various communities known as subreddits.

These are like rooms in a big house, each focused on a specific topic, whether it’s cats, science, video games, or even advice on life’s problems. You can join these communities and post content, comment on others’ posts, or just lurk and read.


Upvotes and downvotes are at the heart of Reddit. If you like a post, you upvote it; if you dislike it, you downvote. Posts with more upvotes rise to the top, getting more visibility. The comment sections are lively, with discussions, jokes, and sometimes heated debates.


It also has a unique system of “karma.” You earn karma points when people upvote your posts and comments. It’s like a measure of your contribution and popularity on the platform.


This is a place where you can be whoever you want, discuss any topic you’re passionate about, and discover like-minded people or engage in friendly debates.


It’s a platform that thrives on the diversity of its users and content, making it a fascinating and dynamic online community.


What Is Reddit’s AI Keyword Research Tool?

Reddit is taking its advertising game to the next level with a fresh addition to its Ads Manager toolkit – Keyword Suggestions.


This exciting feature is designed to be a game-changer for advertisers, making it easier than ever to supercharge their campaigns. With Keyword Suggestions, the company is raising the bar in ad targeting, ensuring that advertisers can reach their desired audience more effectively and efficiently.


Get ready to maximize your campaign’s impact and watch your reach soar as Reddit introduces this cutting-edge tool!


You may ask, why should we care?


Imagine, with this feature, you won’t have to spend as much time digging into keywords – the AI does the hard part. Plus, having a handy list of fresh targeting options could make your campaigns more effective and reach a wider audience.


What Is Keyword Suggestions & What Does It Look Like?

It’s a fresh feature you can find in Reddit Ads Manager.


This tool harnesses the power of machine learning to come up with just the right keywords for your ads. Then, it sorts these suggestions based on how many people view them on Reddit each month, all while making sure any inappropriate content doesn’t make the cut.


The forum has officially provided this screenshot for users:


Reddit AI Keyword Research Tool Interface

                                                                                 Reddit AI Keyword Research Tool Interface


How Does This Reddit AI SEO Tool Work?

Reddit’s Keyword Suggestions feature is pretty smart.


It uses fancy tech, like machine learning and understanding language like we do, to give advertisers really good suggestions. But it doesn’t stop there; it’s also careful about where it suggests these keywords.


So, what it does is, it has this machine learning thing that does the heavy lifting.


It looks through all the posts and talks and picks out the ones that match what advertisers are looking for. This way, advertisers can show their ads to the right people in the right place, making sure everything’s a good fit.



Reddit’s venture into AI-powered tools, such as the innovative Keyword Suggestions feature, marks an exciting step forward.


This dynamic platform, already known for its vibrant and diverse communities, is now empowering advertisers to reach their audiences more efficiently. With AI handling the heavy lifting in keyword research, campaigns are set to become more impactful.


This leap into SEO signifies the platform’s commitment to adapt and thrive in the tech world.


The community’s rapid growth showcases the potential benefits of this AI tool. So it’s clear that the company’s dedication to enhancing the user experience and catering to evolving needs is unwavering.


So, whether you’re a seasoned Redditor or new to the platform, Reddit’s journey into AI and SEO promises to bring even more excitement and opportunity to its community.


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