Why is Google Bard rebranded Gemini?

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New updates have come from Google. The ChatGPT competitor, Google Bard, is now rebranded as Gemini. There are many speculations as to why the name Gemini has been chosen.


Some people believe it’s because of the zodiac sign, symbolizing duality, while others (technical professionals) affirm that Gemini is the name of the underlying technology behind this Google chatbot.




Let’s get started with this article, in which we’ll discuss what Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai updated about Gemini (formerly Bard), and the reasons behind this development.


What Google CEO, Sundar Pichai Said

Google recently declared a series of alterations in a blog post, encompassing the rebranding of its Bard AI chatbot to Gemini, the debut of a fresh Gemini app, and the revelation of its Gemini Ultra large language model bundled with a premium subscription.


Nevertheless, following the announcement, users have been pondering why Google opted for the significant move of renaming its well-received chatbot to Gemini.


Now, CEO Sundar Pichai has elucidated the matter during his latest interaction.


Google CEO - Sundar Pichai

                                                                                                   Google CEO – Sundar Pichai

(source: The Guardian)


Unveiling the rationale behind the name alteration in a discussion with CNBC, Pichai remarked,


“For us, Gemini is our approach overall in terms of how we are building our most capable and safe AI model and Bard was the most direct way that people could interact with our models so it really made sense to just evolve it to be Gemini because you are talking directly to the underlying Gemini model when you use it.”


“I think it will also be the way by which we will keep advancing our models and users can experience it directly, so we thought the name change made sense. “


Why Gemini?

Alphabet’s Google (GOOGL) is renaming its Bard artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot as Gemini, while also introducing a mobile application and subscription model for an enhanced version of the tool, a strategic maneuver aimed at enhancing its competitive edge against adversaries.


Dubbed Gemini, after Google’s potent suite of AI models empowering the tool, the revamped version is now accessible in over 40 languages through a mobile app compatible with Android and iOS devices.


This initiative is poised to bolster Google’s competitiveness against the premium paid variants of OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Microsoft’s (MSFT) Copilot, while also distancing Gemini’s enhanced offerings from the earlier criticism directed at Bard’s performance.


What Is Gemini Advanced?

Today, a new offering called Gemini Advanced is being introduced, presenting users with access to Ultra 1.0, acknowledged as the most extensive and proficient AI model available. In impartial assessments conducted by third-party evaluators, Gemini Advanced featuring Ultra 1.0 emerges as the favored chatbot in comparison to other prominent alternatives.


Not only does Gemini Advanced facilitate prolonged and detailed conversations, but it also demonstrates improved comprehension of context derived from previous interactions. For instance:


  • Acting as a personal tutor, Gemini Advanced can furnish tailored step-by-step instructions, sample quizzes, or engage in dialogue tailored to individual learning preferences.
  • It aids users in tackling advanced coding challenges, functioning as a sounding board for ideas, and assisting in the evaluation of various coding methodologies.
  • For digital creators, it streamlines the process from conceptualization to realization by generating original content, analyzing current trends, and ideating strategies to enhance audience engagement.


Gemini Advanced becomes accessible within the newly introduced Google One AI Premium Plan priced at $19.99 per month, commencing with a complimentary two-month trial period. This particular scheme offers users an amalgamation of Google AI’s finest features and its most recent innovations, alongside the full spectrum of advantages from the prevailing Google One Premium plan, inclusive of a 2TB storage capacity. Furthermore, subscribers to the AI Premium tier will imminently gain access to Gemini across various platforms such as Gmail, Docs, Slides, Sheets, and others, formerly recognized as Duet AI.



Android & iOS Compatibility Is A Game Changer


Using Gemini on Android

On Android, Gemini represents a fresh form of assistant leveraging generative AI to collaborate with users and assist them in completing tasks.


If one downloads the Gemini application or chooses to participate via Google Assistant, access to it becomes available not only through the app but also through the usual activation methods for Google Assistant, such as pressing the power button or swiping the corner on compatible phones, or using the “Hey Google” command. This facilitates a novel overlay experience that grants convenient entry to Gemini and furnishes contextual assistance directly on the screen.


Gemini on Android


This functionality allows users, for instance, to generate captions for recently captured images or inquire about articles they are reading.


Numerous Google Assistant voice functionalities will be accessible via the Gemini app, encompassing tasks like setting timers, making calls, and managing smart home devices.


Additionally, efforts are underway to expand support for more features in the future.



On iOS, access to Gemini will soon be integrated directly within the Google app. Users will simply need to toggle the Gemini feature and engage with Gemini to enhance their creativity, craft personalized images, receive assistance with social media content, and even organize a date night, all within the convenience of the Google app. The team eagerly anticipates users’ experiences with this new feature.



In conclusion, the recent updates from Google regarding the rebranding of its AI chatbot to Gemini, alongside the introduction of the Gemini app and subscription model, mark a significant stride in enhancing its competitive stance within the AI landscape.


With Gemini Advanced showcasing formidable capabilities and accessibility across Android and soon iOS platforms, Google aims to empower users with innovative solutions while keeping pace with evolving technological demands.


As Gemini unfolds its potential, users can anticipate a transformative experience harnessing the power of AI to streamline tasks and stimulate creativity.



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