LinkedIn Strategies To Skyrocket Your Small Business

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Besides being a hub to network and share industry information, LinkedIn offers small business owners additional utility that includes cost opportunities to generate more leads.

When running a small business, you need to try various sales tactics to generate leads. With over 67 million users per month and 50% engagement growth annually, LinkedIn can effectively grow your business revenue and improve brand recognition when optimally used.


Ways To Promote Your Business On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is famous for connecting professionals as many people find new positions and advance their careers in the space. However, it’s also a great platform to network and grows your business. Here are some tips to gain traction on LinkedIn:


1. Create the Company’s Page


Unlike personal profiles, company pages represent an organization or brand. You can post updates or additional information that comes across better from the brand name than an individual through the page. Download the Business Owner’s Guide to LinkedIn. 



Create a LinkedIn page

Create a LinkedIn page


2. Highlight the Business on Your Profile


Personal profiles are powerful tools on LinkedIn as you can present yourself as the person behind the brand to build your professional reputation. However, ensure the profile details activities in your business and links to important pages such as your professional Twitter account and business website.


3. Update Frequently


Through the company’s page, you can update the professional community on new development in your company or post news. It is best to use this option strategically and frequently. The relevant updates to include are new cooperations, recently completed projects, creative tips, news coverage, new products or features, and anything that show the business is a serious and active operation.


4. Start a Group


In LinkedIn, you need to begin a group around specific interests. It is best to connect the business to general topics that engage people if you can. Also, you may create a group, stir discussions and make group members know about the company or business.


5. Participate in other LinkedIn Groups


Join Or Create LinkedIn Groups

Join Or Create LinkedIn Groups


In the social media world, creating your community is not enough. You need to participate in existing groups and interact with users actively. The idea is to engage in actual conversation to create ties rather than spam posts about your company.


6. Onboard Partners And Employees


If you often cooperate with other professionals or work in a group environment, you can attract attention by involving them in business profile activities.

Consequently, your credibility becomes more solid as strangers see your company pages followed by experienced and skilled professionals.


7. Interact On LinkedIn


Despite the professional focus, LinkedIn is a social network.

To succeed, you need to engage with other members. The good thing is that the platform will help you interact with a suitable audience as it shows circles of connectivity. You can browse through the connections to find people you can involved with.

You might even find a valuable lead.


How to Grow Your Business on LinkedIn?


How to Grow Your Business on LinkedIn

How to Grow Your Business on LinkedIn



1. Target Specific Decision-Makers and Professional Audience


Through the advertising capabilities, you can use filters like company size, industry, and job title to target individuals likely to engage with your product, service, brand, or message. By targeting specific professionals, you mitigate waste on advertisements and maximize your marketing.



2. Promote Your Content


LinkedIn allows content distribution to professionals outside and inside the industry through sponsored content. Using this, you can promote e-books and other digital content directly to LinkedIn users. This is critical as increased exposure establishes a trusted and respected authority.

To gain traction, use targeting features like job titles and skills to show the content to relevant professionals. Also, you can produce appealing content to a specific audience and use a strong call to action that guides users to download content.



3. Turn LinkedIn Users Into New Leads


If you need your audience to fill lead forms, claim offers, or watch a webinar, you can use the sponsored InMail to directly speak to users who match the ideal criteria.

In addition, craft personalized messages and send them to their inbox.

In addition, you can use text ads that run on cost-per-impression (CPM) or pay-per-click (PPC) models to communicate unique opportunities and offers to targeted users on LinkedIn. Such ads increase the visibility of the company’s offers leading to more business.



4. Recruit New Employees


This platform is ideal for sourcing employees since you reach exact professionals by targeting options, including skill set, experience level, and job title.

Secondly, most prospective candidates are likely to be active on the platform.

To make recruitment ads appealing to candidates, use images that reflect the company’s culture, selling points that highlight reasons to work for your company, and headlines that capture attention.



5. Encourage Testimonials


You don’t find testimonials on this platform.

Therefore, recommendations substitute testimonials and add credibility to your services or skill vital in gaining new clients. The easiest way to get recommendations is by offering help to others.

For instance, if you provide a realistic and creative recommendation to your friend or colleague, they might return the favor.


Ways To Market Yourself on LinkedIn



Ways To Market On LinkedIn

Ways To Market On LinkedIn


Since individuals have various objectives and goals when marketing themselves, there are different ways you can use LinkedIn.

Here are some strategies to market yourself on the platform:

1. Through Your Profile


It would be best to have both business and personal profiles to increase the reach of your message and brand.

Therefore, you’ll need a business email to create a separate account and fill out the profile impeccably. Check for spelling errors and use good content.

Also, include a logo or personal photo.

2. Use LinkedIn Ads


To market yourself, you can place ads in your network to promote yourself and the business. Among the users, some individuals will welcome and respond to your message. Target your ad according to industry, location, or job title for best results.

Similarly, if you want to promote the business to hire someone, LinkedIn is also an avenue to find potential workers.

3. Join LinkedIn Groups


You can create your group or join and interact in a group. The industry-specific groups will promote you as an expert. You can find favorable responses to what you do and who you are in such groups.

The answers feature can also help you find questions that need professional answers.

When you participate in them, you further promote yourself.


How to Get Started On LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is great for connecting to present and past colleagues, participating in industry discussions, and searching for jobs. To create a professional and compelling profile, you can follow the steps below:

  • Upload a professional profile picture
  • Pick a location better than where you live
  • Customize the LinkedIn URL
  • Write a summary
  • Describe your experience
  • Add more than five skills
  • List you education
  • Connect to more than 50 contacts
  • Turn on to let recruiters know your availability


LinkedIn is a network that allows you to create a meaningful network, glean insider expertise and build credibility. It’s a critical social media marketing tool, and you should use the opportunities it provides.

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