The curious case of Content Marketing

What is Content Marketing
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Traditional marketing is losing effectiveness by the minute; as a forward-thinking marketer, you know there must be a better approach, and that is precisely what content marketing is all about!


Content Marketing is a strategic marketing technique that focuses on developing and delivering useful, relevant, and consistent content to attract and maintain a specific audience – and, eventually, to generate lucrative consumer action. “Valuable” is the crucial word here. It is what distinguishes this definition from others that might apply to nearly any type of advertising or marketing. You can determine if a piece of material is suitable for a content marketing campaign if consumers seek it out and want to consume it rather than avoid it.


So, in a nutshell, content marketing is a sort of marketing that entails the development and distribution of online content (such as videos, blogs, and social media postings) that does not directly promote a brand but is designed to pique interest in its products or services.


But before we dive any deeper into this humongous topic of content marketing, let’s look at the different types or methods of content marketing.


The Essential Tools of Content Marketing




These are often lengthy, vertical drawings including statistics, charts, graphs, and other data. Infographics may be effective since a good one can be shared on social media and put on websites for years. That is also a type of content marketing, and the only expense is your time unless you pay a professional to do the work for you.


Content Writing


After infographics or graphic designing, the most visual part of content marketing is content writing. What you are reading right now is a very good example of content writing. An average American reads about 100,000 words a day, which is why there are countless articles and blogs available online. Content writing is a service, and even though marketing firms also provide this service, companies still mostly prefer to go with a writing firm or professional content writing professionals for this job.


Podcasts & Videos


 Podcast marketing is the process of developing a plan and implementing strategies aimed at increasing your audience and recognition. We are frequently asked, “How can I increase my podcast?” And the first point we want to make is that progress takes time. Podcasting, especially podcast marketing, is a long-term investment.


Video marketing is the use of videos to promote and sell your product or service, boost interaction on your digital and social platforms, educate your consumers and customers, and reach out to a new audience. This also includes movies.



 People frequently think of eBooks as selling themselves, but effective marketers don’t sell eBooks merely to sell books; they promote them as marketing tools. Although self-publishing has made it simpler than ever to publish a book, there is still a widespread belief that it is difficult and that only respected experts can do it. Publish your own, and you can utilise it as content marketing every time you’re presented as the “Author of…”


How Can Small Businesses and Start-ups Take Advantage of Content Marketing?


According to a HubSpot report if you are a small business that is active with blog posts, then you will have 55% more visitors to your website. Add SEO to that, and that number may increase even more! And as content marketing isn’t just about blog writing, so imagine how much your business will boost if you were to add all the other tools of content marketing into the mix!


Following are the ways in which content marketing helps a small business to grow:

  • Helps you get noticed on search engines
  • More visitors to your website
  • Attracts more leads, eventually closing more sales
  • Educate your viewers through informative articles
  • Helps build awareness and beat your competition
  • Better presence online, creating brand recognition and recall


The advantages of content marketing for small businesses are obvious–you may raise awareness of your company and its offerings, build meaningful connections with your audience, and even start generating more leads. All of these are critical measures in expanding your business.


But How to Market?


Okay, so now you understand what content marketing is, what are the different ways of it and how it can help your business grow tremendously. But how exactly can you market your brand? Is your own website enough? Do you need a content marketing platform?


Technology always helps


First, let’s look at what a content marketing platform is. A Content Marketing Platform is a software system that allows marketing firms to consolidate and streamline their upstream marketing operations, from strategy and briefing to collaboration and approvals. Content Marketing Platforms assist marketers in ensuring that the content targeted, provided, and optimised throughout the distribution stage of their process is meaningful, engaging, on-brand, and compliant.


Popular Content Marketing Platforms






SEM Rush


Content Marketing with SemRush


Story Chief


Content Marketing with StoryChief





Content Marketing with Brand24





Content Marketing with ContentCal





Content Marketing with Seismic




Content Marketing with



Upland’s Kapost



Content Marketing with Upland




Content Marketing with CoSchedule





Content Marketing with Ceros




Out of the list above, you can go with any of these platforms as they basically provide similar services, with little adjustments and quality differences and of course, different costs. Yes, these services are not fully free, even though almost all of them have a free version of some sort. Most of these platforms are simple to use, ad clubbed with other freely available content creation software, you can easily manage content yourself.


Summing Up – The Need for Content Marketing

There is no denying the fact that content marketing in the modern day is something that will never become irrelevant. Just like our body needs food, businesses need content. Period.


You can reach your target audience and enhance conversions by using efficient content marketing. There are various methods to use content marketing to increase income, increase brand awareness and recognition, and establish relationships with prospects and consumers.


To begin, evaluate which form of content works best for your company and audience, then create a content marketing strategy to start increasing your traction now.

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