Popular Groups on LinkedIn for Content Marketing

Content Marketing groups on LinkedIn
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Many marketers, writers and creative professionals find it hard to find time to keep up with industry trends, interesting reads, and some great content from the brightest minds in their fields. But there are sources of good content that one can access during your break time at work. What some of these pros might not know is that they can easily access the latest marketing news and insights from well-known names in the field and even join interesting marketing conversations through LinkedIn groups. These LinkedIn groups are also a popular medium for professionals, full-time and part-time freelancers, and small companies to hire talent.


Check out the list below to get an idea of what popular content marketing groups are on LinkedIn.

Who can say? You might learn more about marketing if you take a little time out of your day to read some thought-provoking posts and join some trending discussions.


Why are Groups Important? – Gain Knowledge, Find Gigs, Community Building

Many things make groups important. They can help you learn new things, find gigs, and connect with other people. Here are three important things about groups:


  • Learning New Things: Being in a group can help you learn new things. If you want to learn a new skill or try something new such as exploring a new career, joining a group can be a great way to do both. It’s a two-way street and you can share information with other group members and get help from the group when you need it.
  • Finding Jobs: Groups are another good way to find jobs and gigs. When you join a group, you’ll have access to a large network of people who work in the same field or have similar interests. This means you won’t have to spend time looking for jobs that are right for you. The jobs will come to you!
  • Lastly, groups are a great way to build a sense of community. Groups give you many chances to meet new people and network, whether you’re going through a hard time or want to meet new people.
  • Affiliation of some of these groups adds credibility to your profile as a professional in a particular discipline.

Popular Groups on LinkedIn for Professionals in Content Marketing


There are a lot of great groups on LinkedIn for marketing and agency professionals, bloggers and individuals interested in content marketing. In this post, we’ll look at some of them and what they offer.


Marketing Pros

Started in: 2009

Members: 302,807


Marketing Pros on LinkedIn


Marketing Pros is for those who are interested in growing business through effective marketing. The range of topics includes Inbound Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, SEO, SEM & PPC, Mobile Marketing, Email Marketing, Growth hacking, Brand Management & Advertising, Marketing Technologies, and Public Relations among others.


Content Marketing Learning Group – LinkedIn Learning

Started in: 2020

Members: 32,809


Content Marketing Learning Group on LinkedIn


This group is enthusiasts who want to learn, connect with experts, share, and teach topics on content marketing.


Content Marketing Group

Started in: 2009

Members: 23,477


Content Marketing Association on LinkedIn


This group is by the Content Marketing Association (CMA), an industry body for content marketing. CMA’s goal is to promote the use of content as an effective marketing tool for marketers. The group focuses on a spectrum of channels that is be used to engage with customers – digital, microsites, videos, branded TV, and print. According to CMA, it is recognised as one of the most innovative and supportive industry associations for entities in the content marketing space.


Inbound Marketers – For Marketing Professionals

Started in: 2007

Members: 143,447 members


Inbound Marketers on LinkedIn


The Inbound Marketers group covers topics that include social media, SEO, blogging, email, lead generation, marketing automation and content strategy among others. This group is initiated by the founder of HubSpot, and therefore the credibility of the group in terms of quality of content and conversations.


Content Marketing Institute


Started in: 2012

Members: 62,877


Content Marketing Institute on LinkedIn


The Content Marketing Institute group covers everything and anything to do with Content Marketing. This group is about conversations and advice on specific content marketing problems. Promotional posts, links and images are prohibited in this group.




Content Marketing is an area that marketers are doubling down on, and they have earmarked incremental budgets (over the previous years) to do. Therefore, it is important to find sources of information that will enable you to explore and validate your concepts. Content marketing is fragmented into various activities, and you may be seeking information about that specific activity.

The types of content are illustrated by SEMrush below –


Infographic on content types


LinkedIn is a great place to find groups related to your area of expertise in content marketing. LinkedIn has groups for people who want to learn more about SEO, social media, and content marketing in general. By joining these groups, you will not only meet people who share your interests, but you will also be able to learn from the tips and advice they have learned over the years.


There’s no denying the fact that LinkedIn is one of the best, if not the best platform for business professionals, especially the ones dealing in content marketing. You are advised to go through the rules defined by these groups once you are invited in. Many of them are stringent towards the posting of promotional content. Staying active through genuine participation is also important to maintain your membership status in these groups.

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