Why Marketers are investing in Event Marketing In 2023?

Marketers are investing in event marketing
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What have you got coming up on your calendar?


A conference? A product launch event? A trade show? Some sort of event marketing that is important to you and you don’t want to miss out on a single attendee.


It is right indeed, in this world full of an audience, customers, observers, and critics, you still need a reach that sways across and over all the mediums not just for the sake of it but just the right tune to slice in a healthy audience not just quantitatively but qualitatively too.


A near-perfect event marketing strategy combined with event planning and hosting leads to the most positive virtues among the attendees and the host.


Events require huge planning and it happens almost always that publicity for it is left by itself. No matter how well the event is organized, built by sweat and blood, by ideas, it all will go down the drain unless a certain number of people get to experience it.


Moreover, business events, workshops, and funding events necessarily require marketing to boost returns.


What Exactly Is Event Marketing?


What Is Event Marketing?

                                                                                                                                        What Is Event Marketing?


It is a strategic method that involves advertising goods, services, or brands at real-world or online events. It seeks to produce captivating experiences that draw in and engage the target audience. Direct interaction, brand exposure, lead generation, and client loyalty are all facilitated by this marketing strategy.


Event marketing provides a lasting impression and creates enduring connections by fully engrossing attendees in the brand’s message, which promotes business growth and consumer engagement.


So let us eventify our way of going through this piece and have fun learning event marketing.


Strategies To Leverage Event Marketing


Strategies For Leveraging Event Marketing

                                                                                                                        Strategies For Leveraging Event Marketing


How do you do this then? What are the significant steps in Event marketing? Are there any established certainties with the processes involved?


Let’s then look at generalized ways of approaching this task. We’ll cover every possibility of inculcating a healthy audience with significant attention to ROI (Return on investment).


Website and landing pages: In the current digital era, you must have an informative and user-friendly conference website. Include any pertinent information, such as the schedule of events, list of speakers, and registration requirements. People should be informed of the terms of the agreement and the registration process.


Use of Social Media: Social media provides enormous reach at the tip of our fingers. Despite this fact, marketing on social media should be well-planned. There needs to be uniqueness combined with a focus on delivering the motto of the event creating a more than positive perception of it.


Say, for example, a TED talk event needs to be marketed on social media. Beginning with the design, the posters and themes must be distinctly noticeable in a plethora of posts. There should be minimal content in the post, all the focus should go to the speaker and the idea of the talk. Venue, time, and place could be boldly mentioned. A short video would also serve well with suitable music for the theme.


Promotion of Sponsorships: Securing sponsorships can help your conference be financially successful! Make eye-catching sponsorship packages and present them to potential sponsors, emphasizing the advantages of supporting your event.


Panel Q&A with Peers: Imagine this: a dynamic discussion featuring industry peers or experts sharing their knowledge and experiences on a stage. Attendees get to dive deep into insightful conversations, ask burning questions, and gain unique perspectives. It’s like a live podcast where you can meet the hosts and guests afterward, forging meaningful connections.


So basically, you can use this event marketing strategy of setting up a panel for a Q&A session to engage your audience better. This can be done as a LinkedIn event marketing strategy virtually, or it can also be done in a physical event.


For instance, at a tech conference, you might have a panel of renowned engineers discussing the future of AI, followed by a networking session where attendees can interact with these experts.


Networking Opportunities: When events happen a lot of people with similar sets of interests are present. People working on similar stuff and having either conflicting or agreeing on perspectives.


Such an atmosphere could serve very well as a networking opportunity. People could be given a separate time and place within or after the event to indulge in such interactions. This will elevate the experience of individuals and also instigate talks marking out the event as a vibrant memory in all of the attendees’ minds.


Event Partnerships: Events could be organized in association with an institution or an acclaimed individual working in the relevant field. They could not only help in publicizing the event but also contribute ideas and valuable intellect. It’s like how publishers of novels print reviews from the critics in the books which shed a positive light on the novel.


Follow-up Campaigns: Feedback and reviews are a very important source of collecting customer data. These also provide a space for discussion forums and critical analysis of the event. These hype up and also set expectations for any future version of a similar event.


Follow-up campaigns need to start with questions. Especially Questions that could spark discussions. These could be put up on social media platforms.


Types Of Events And Their Specific Needs


Before moving into benefits it is integral to the planning process that we have a checkpoint at the complete understanding of the type of event we plan to organize. In turn, it will be very helpful to minimize the set of investments needed and align the process to enrich the outcomes.


Find the category in which your event falls below!


Physical Event Marketing


Physical event marketing



Companies can issue a general invitation to experts in the same industry or send invitations specifically to professionals from related businesses. Conferences and seminars are excellent opportunities to meet new people, present your work to peers in your field, and pick up new knowledge.


At a conference or seminar, you might broaden your network by meeting people who could have positions that are comparable to your own. For the benefit of your business, expanding your network can aid in raising brand awareness.


Hosting meetings, presentations, or showcases to discuss your goods or services, market trends, or research findings can help you do this.


Marketing steps:

  • Set about an inclusive agenda, attracting a diverse crowd.
  • Learn the needs of the audience.
  • Use Emails for marketing, getting required leads from ABM.
  • Social Media campaigns could be formal and not necessarily spam feeds.



These slightly distinct iterations of business gatherings, where owners may be present, may work with other parties to provide training sessions.


These usually focus on a certain skill and envision the entire process of performing related tasks around it. Say, for example, a workshop on how to use a particular company-offered software for new employees. These can also be profitable, consider a workshop aimed at teaching acting, charging fees.


Workshops are frequently used to collect ideas from a variety of people, including team members or employees of a business. They can also be used to construct a plan or solve an issue, and they are especially effective in this regard for inclusiveness and teamwork.


Marketing steps:

  • Social Media can be the trunk medium for advertising.
  • E-mails could be used if this is an internal workshop, i.e., planned by an institution for its affiliates.
  • Paper advertising and calls also contribute very well, especially for Co-creation workshops.


Product Launches:

Steve Jobs iPhone Product Launch

                                                                                                                       Steve Jobs iPhone Product Launch

(source: CNBC)


A product or service launch is a celebration where consumers, investors, and staff may learn about a company’s most recent advancement. However, organizations may decide to inform their staff and investors about a new product or service they’re planning simply through an internal meeting.


When a business has a launch party, it might post pictures on its social media platforms to pique interest among customers in a new product or service. Additionally, it might nudge partygoers to share pictures of the event on social media with a particular hashtag that promotes the product in a way that builds anticipation for the launch.


Depending on the size of the business, it might invite the media to cover the event so that more people can learn about the launch. As an illustration, the media might discuss the occurrence in an article or on a local newscast.


Marketing Steps:

  • These require huge fanfare and attendance.
  • Marketing needs to be aimed at potential stakeholders, sponsors, and audiences that work in the field from which that very product comes.
  • Talk to reporters and media outlets to have the story covered by them before and during the launch.


Team Building Events:

Team building is a task that event planners frequently are given. Its goal is straightforward: to make your team of collaborators have a wonderful time while boosting their sense of unity and, most importantly, inspiring them.


You must bear in mind that depending on the clientele, the objectives may change. A team’s performance may be improved via collaborative and uniting activities, or internal issues could be resolved through innovative and enriching activities.


The director or team leader will frequently urge that team building be planned. It often lasts for one or two days and seldom for longer.


In a nutshell, it’s an enjoyable occasion that blends work with pleasure. And that’s how team building works! combining creative activities that encourage collaboration and competitiveness while allowing for learning.


Additionally, team building is an alternative to delivering bonuses to staff as a means of rewarding them. And indeed, amongst virtual reality activities, escape games, murals, and treasure hunts… There are several ways to inspire the troops and give their everyday task a little more oomph.


Marketing Steps:

  • Include and let participants know about fun activities.
  • Investment should be minimal for marketing as the target audience comprises a smaller circle.


Trade shows/ Expos:

Trade fairs and expos seek to professionally introduce new goods and services from a range of relevant brands. These events typically feature a central theme that unifies the booths. Due to the nature of hands-on activities and trade fair booths, these events are usually always in person.


Trade exhibitions and expos are particularly helpful for potential customers who haven’t yet learned about your product or who want to learn more details in person. For businesses wishing to have more face-to-face encounters with their consumer base, this event format is beneficial.


Marketing Steps:

  • Make sure your print media is high-definition and highly professional.
  • Mass advertising is very effective due to the possibility of engaging a very diverse audience.
  • Ambassadors and celebrity presence (from various fields and not just theatre or cinema artists, basically well-known personalities) will help generate publicity.
  • Provide the attendees with goodies for self-sustaining future advertising and customer experience.


Virtual Events


Virtual event marketing options

                                                                                                                                Virtual event marketing options


Linkedin Events:

Whether you want to host an open webinar or set up an in-person conference for your event attendees, LinkedIn is an ideal place to set it up and spread the word.

You can view LinkedIn’s event feed by searching “Events” in the search bar. Alternatively, you can also click “Discover more” from your home page panel and select the “Events” tab from there.


After which you can decide according to the target audience and topic on how-about of the further arrangements.

These gatherings support professional networking, information sharing, and industry awareness. Event planners may offer information about the date, time, place, and agenda, and attendees can RSVP and post-event updates.


Within the LinkedIn network, this feature encourages deep conversations, information exchange, and commercial prospects. LinkedIn Events are a great way for professionals to grow their networks, learn new things, and stay active in their professions.


Marketing steps:

  • Linked In serves very well in itself, for publicity, but a post would work.
  • Email marketing will be beneficial as most of the community active on Linked In is active with their mail too.



One must have been living under a rock to have not known of a single webinar, such is the reach!


Businesses can promote their goods and services to a big audience for a reasonable price by hosting webinars. In contrast to conventional marketing strategies like print ads or TV commercials, webinars have low startup expenses and are simple to film and share online.


Webinars are frequently held online, which eliminates the need for pricey event venues and travel expenses and increases their accessibility to a broader audience. Many platforms hosting webinars also have built-in marketing capabilities like email follow-up and reminders, reducing the need for additional marketing expenditures.


Marketing steps:

  • Invest in social media marketing.
  • Let the platforms on which the webinar is being conducted be very accessible.
  • Reach out to related communities.
  • For better ROI, a recording of the same could be sold.


Metaverse/ AR-VR events:

Metaverse Events

                                                                                                                      Metaverse Events


A metaverse virtual event is a conversational gathering that happens on a unique online platform. Events in the metaverse are not site-specific like those that take place in real life. As long as they have access to the internet, participants can participate from anywhere in the globe.


Modern metaverse events include a lot of aspects that contribute to the atmosphere’s high level of immersion. Different online places are accessible to “host” an online gathering, attendees are present there as their avatars, and there are many alternatives for party activities.


Transparent augmented reality (AR), one of the most recent types, uses transparent LED or OLED displays as a window into a three-dimensional, virtual environment. This can be very helpful in settings with lots of people, like trade events.


Now, businesses may show augmented reality to a crowd so that viewers can see someone interact with, move, and demonstrate a product.


Marketing steps:

  • These are the future of events and need to be marketed from that perspective.
  • The technology used could be described and previous user experiences could be shared.
  • A test or trial could be provided to every attendee separately to value their presence and help them develop positive reviews of their experience.


Benefits of Event Marketing

Engagement with Clients and Customers in Person:

You will establish a rapport and gain your client’s trust when you meet and converse with them.


However, don’t ignore your current clients. Customer retention, fostering relationships, and fostering loyalty can all be facilitated by simply meeting current clients for coffee and a discussion.


Make sure the appropriate team members are attending the event, and that those that are there are properly briefed and in line with the aims and objectives of your business.


Plan which team members will be on your stand at what times and who will be strolling the floor, whether you’re attending trade exhibitions or conferences. To keep your stand appearing busy, ask your sales team to schedule meetings.


Boost consumer awareness of brands and product exposure:

You may raise brand recognition and expose as many potential clients to your goods and services by organizing or participating in events. The right people will be able to learn about your brand, what you have to offer, and whether you could benefit their business.


Use this as an opportunity to promote your services and attract customers. If your company is a health tech brand, showcase your technologies in an engaging way that leads can interact with. Show healthcare administrators how you can enhance the way they run and provide their services if you are a partner in health innovation.


Increase Local SEO Results with Helpful Citations:

As you advertise your event, it will inevitably appear on every local calendar that is printed or published online. Your company name, location, and phone number will be included every time the event is mentioned, giving you excellent citations that will raise your ranking with local search engines.


Develop Your Pipeline With Fresh, Active Leads:

The ability to add fresh leads to your pipeline thanks to event marketing is another perk. Discover what they are seeking, collect their data, generate leads, and fill the funnel. The main objective here is to engage in conversations that eventually result in sales.


Before organizing or attending the event, establish specific goals you hope to accomplish to keep you on track. What plans do you have in mind? In this manner, you can make sure your event promotion is cost-effective.


It might be beneficial to qualify your leads through in-person contact. It makes you more recognizable and presents your brand as a possible partner. Get a lead’s contact information so you can continue the conversation.



We understood all the aspects and ideas about the world of Event marketing. Let us give a pat on our backs and appreciate the learnings of today!


Event marketing ultimately provides your brand with a unique edge. Outstanding events generate attention and have a long-lasting effect on your audience. It’s similar to creating an emotional bond with guests, turning them into ardent company evangelists.


Event marketing in itself then stands as the keynote to well-organized and orchestrated events.


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