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One of the essential skills for a business is digital marketing. It’s a given that digital marketing is the skill that you need to have as a professional and entrepreneur. Platforms such as Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube provide some of the best free courses on digital marketing, and you can learn the basics on your own.


For those who are getting started and are at a discovery stage, we’re sharing courses that you could explore. A simple definition of Digital Marketing would be – Digital marketing is crafting, planning, running, and reviewing a campaign to promote a product or service that uses digital platforms. It improves an organization’s online reputation, boosts sales, builds awareness, and attracts new customers.


In today’s digital marketing world, it’s essential to know how to reach and constantly engage customers through digital channels. You can use Digital Marketing for tactical purposes – to address a specific marketing challenge within a short period.


There are a lot of free short courses you can take to learn the basics of digital marketing. Whether you want to learn about SEO, Facebook Ads, Twitter marketing, or Email marketing, these courses will quickly get you up to speed.


Why Is Digital Marketing Hot As A Skill?


The skill of digital marketing is popular because it has never been more critical. Now that everyone uses the internet, businesses must go online to compete in a time when people want the best deals, information, and products.


The pandemic has escalated the need for small businesses to invest in this space, as other channels of attracting customers have been futile. Also, in today’s economy, businesses that don’t have a digital presence are at a (severe) disadvantage.


Using digital channels to build relationships with customers is what Digital Marketing is all about. Small businesses and professionals can use it to reach more people and get more leads or sales.


So why is Digital Marketing ever so popular now?


There are several reasons why –

  • Everyone now uses the internet, which means that more people search for information online, mostly on their phones.
  • The price of the technology has gone down over time, so businesses can now afford to put money into digital marketing campaigns. Platforms and technologies have become accessible. You don’t need to be a techie to execute Digital Marketing campaigns.
  • Businesses can get in touch with customers directly through social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This lets businesses know their customers better and better understand what they need.
  • With Digital Marketing, you can measure your ROI (Return on Investment). Start and test campaigns when you feel you’re not getting the desired outcome.


What skills are required for Digital Marketing?


Digital marketing is making, sending out, and managing marketing communications to reach and keep customers interested. It entails various skills. It is a field growing all the time and includes many different skills, such as Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Optimisation, and email marketing.


To be successful in digital marketing, you’ll need to be creative and have strong analytical and problem-solving skills. But patience is an essential skill for a digital marketer because being successful in this field takes hard work and persistence over time.


These are some things you should know in the Digital Marketing space –

  • Analytics
  • Content creation
  • SEO & SEM
  • Social Media
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Designing (Basic level)


Top Courses On Digital Marketing That You Can Take For Free

There are a lot of great digital marketing courses out there, but which ones should you take? Free short-term courses on digital marketing can be found at popular sites –


Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Offered by Google

Many different courses and programs can help you get started with digital marketing. But finding one that fits your needs and interests is the most important thing.

Google’s Digital Garage courses are one of the best ways to learn about Digital Marketing. The platform has a variety of online courses that teach basic concepts on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media Marketing, and Email marketing. Participants can get a certificate on successful completion of the course. Participants in this program learn the essential skills and information they need to be successful in Digital Marketing.


Learn Digital Marketing with Google


Any course by Google is worth it! If you complete a course and excel at it. You can specialize in aspects of Digital Marketing by obtaining advanced certifications from Google.


Inbound Marketing Certification Course by HubSpot Academy

Digital marketing is one of the essential parts of doing business in the 21st century. But without the right tools, it can be hard to learn a lot about the field. HubSpot Academy can help with that.


Learn Inbound Marketing with HubSpot


They offer a free certification course on Inbound Marketing covering everything from making good content to interacting with customers on social media. This course is apt for anyone who wants to learn the basics of online marketing, and it’s a great place to start learning more. Go to HubSpot Academy for a free certification course that you should check out to learn more about Digital Marketing.



SEMRUSH Academy offers a course called ‘Mastering Digital PR’ by Brian Dean.


Learn Digital Marketing with SEMrush


If you’re seeking to grow your business with PR, this may be the course for you. It includes video tutorials and worksheets by Brian Dean, the founder of Backlinko.



LinkedIn Learning


Learn Digital Marketing with LinkedIn


Many short courses on digital marketing on LinkedIn Learning teach you how to be an online marketing manager. These courses cover things like how to make campaigns that work, measure success, and build a successful brand.


By taking these classes, you can become an expert in digital marketing and improve your job chances. In the LinkedIn digital marketing learning path, you’ll find courses on Google Analytics, SEO, Google Ads, Content Marketing, Marketing on Facebook and Instagram, Social Media Marketing, Email and Newsletter marketing, and Basics in Graphic Design.



Free Digital Marketing Basics Course by Udemy


Learn Digital Marketing with Udemy


Udemy offers a free online course on practical aspects of Digital Marketing and Personal Branding. It covers various tools used with practical examples. One of the most preferred courses on digital marketing.



Whether you want to learn more about online advertising strategies or how to make a better website, these courses on digital marketing will give you the knowledge and skills you need to succeed. Your knowledge will provide you with an edge.


Knowledge is power, as they say, and it is quite true in today’s world. The skills that you acquire are what define your worth, as well as your brand’s value. These acquired skills can only be perfected with practical use. The courses mentioned in this article are all free, so you’re always ‘positive’ on your return on investment.

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